As the last warm rays of the sun disappear, the palm leaves wave goodbye. Because tonight it will be cold. Too cold for the tropical tree. Yet it will sleep happily because it is in Holland and Holland warms its heart.

Palms are not native to the Netherlands, yet many have found themselves on Dutch soil. There are over 3,000 species of palm trees but only a few species can survive our freezing winter temperatures. So people wrap them up to save them from frostbite. Like giant pieces of art, these wonky wild sculptures cover the country. This book documents my fascination with these exotic plants and the touching and tender ways Dutch people will save their own piece of sunshine, no matter how cold it gets.

Far from home, the palm perseveres– but with human help, it can thrive.
And once you start to notice all those long leaves waving at you, you’ll realise paradise is closer than you think.

Dutch Palm Lovers          
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