Even art has to die.
As fashion changes (or we’re told it has) our giddy minds wane to what our eyes see. The old canvas is taken down, leaving space for another hero. The art ‘that once was’ is carried outside with a handful of empty bottles and discarded like yesterday’s newspaper. Left propped up against a trash can, this accidental street gallery will be taken away in the morning. It is available for one more viewing @

As more untitled artwork lies on the roadside. Art has become responsible for it’s own funeral.

Leaving only the pigeons to mourn. It will be remembered as the piece that didn’t fit, orphaned because of a break-up. Who was the artist? where are they now? and will they be at the wake?

This collection of photographs celebrate the last moments of lost art, captured in their final resting place. These pictures hold the life of rejected art in an eternal pose. Giving it a new life, a new audience. As you peer over these pho- tos you become a friend of a forgotten piece of artwork and a witness to it’s resurrection.

Your eyes give it a new life.

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